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3.5 tons of shoes: Kick van der Staak (CEO, r.) & Julian Muescher (Brand Manager) hoping for more!

That fits perfectly! During our Old vs New Campaign 2019, between the 26th of August and the 14th of September, we collected round about 3.5 tons of running shoes – in other words: 25 euro pallets loaded with boxes full of shoes! For us, this result fits perfectly, especially because most of the shoes are still wearable!

#giveshoesgivelove – Soles4Souls claim

This makes us and our partner Soles4Souls very happy! Now Soles4Souls can give all these shoes to people whom they will also fit perfectly: on their feet and into their lives. In these shoes the lives of the people wearing them can change for the better: they can get access to education and jobs – and they will feel more integrated into society.

“Providing shoes for people to enhance their lifestyle is our passion and our mission. With Soles4Souls we found a true partner who shares our passion and mission to inspire people and also provide shoes for people in need – to better their life. So why miss a good opportunity to help: Of course, we will continue collecting shoes in our stores and in our headquarter!” (Kick van der Staak, Vice President and General Manager RPG) 

Everybody who wants to give old, non-fitting or no longer worn shoes a new and useful life can put them in our collection boxes. Yes, they will not get a discount of 25 Euro when buying a new pair of shoes, but they will be rewarded with the good feeling of having helped another person.

And that fits perfectly, does it not?!

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